Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remembrance is vital to not only our mental health but for future generations. Without a clearly marked past there is really no roadmap to the future. When someone that is dear to us dies, we find ourselves in a world of chaos and can often make emotional missteps. One thing we must remember is that a life did once live and contributions were made. Oftentimes, we may feel as though we wish to act like the life did not live yet we must remember that it is very healthy to recognize their accomplishments and honor them for their journey of life.

May we never take for granted the soil that many great men and woman once walked upon. Let us remember the personal sacrifices, memories and legacies that were created and branded on that sacred soil to insure a future for those that follow. It’s imperative to remember, honor and preserve those memories by acknowledging the genetic imprint that the footsteps from the past have made and understand how that same imprint will continue to impact future lives that walk upon that same soil.

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