Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Cycle Of Life

From our birth to our death, tradition has always decreed that we as survivors should honor and celebrate the life that once lived. At the birth of a child, we honor the new life by having newborn celebrations. As an infant grows into a young child, a teenager and a young adult we recognize celebrate and honor each birth year of that life consistently. Later in life, we continue to celebrate, recognize and honor birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other life accomplishments. Then in our senior years, those who are younger receive the mantel to become caregivers providing respect and high regard for the elderly during their final years of life.

Why would we not honor the life lived after the death and recognize the contributions made during one’s life? We invest much of our time celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, retirements and other life milestones. It just makes sense to plan a final tribute, honor or celebration of the life that once lived. It also serves as an initiation point for the grief process to begin not just for the family survivors but the friends, neighbors, civic and church families. The celebration, final tribute or funeral ceremony serves as a healthy starting point for a healthy grief process.

In a “get-it-over-with” and an “all about me” society, where everything is about us, and everything we do has to feel good, we sometimes have to step back and study the current state of events and simply do the right thing. How does our decisions in death affect future generations and does the possibility exist that failure to offer an outlet for grief to begin may somehow cause those we shared life with to never work through the loss of someone they cared about. We all know that the right thing is not always comfortable or convenient. As personal as death is we still have a social responsibility to not just ourselves but to those who was somehow woven into the fabric and life of the deceased via, school, job, neighbor, religious functions, friend, family, etc. We have a personal and social responsibility to provide a final tribute or celebration for the life that once lived.

Planning an appropriate and personalized celebration or life tribute can be created and accomplished to meet your personal expectations, exactly the way you wants it by contacting your local funeral and cremation service professional.

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