Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daddy Would You Carry This For Me

Last year, I was helping my then, six year old daughter prepare for her day at school. As we were on our way to the garage she had several bags and items she wanted to take with her. She said “Daddy would you help me?” and then calmly walked away without picking up the bags or the items she wanted to take with her.

Somewhat frustrated, I looked at the bags and then at her with what had to be a puzzled look on my face and I then realized what she really meant was “Daddy would you carry all of this for me?”

She communicated that she wanted help but her actions showed me what she really wanted was for me to pick up her bags and carry them for her.

How many times have we carried burdens, and stress of life such as grief, loss, family members with terminal ilness, family troubles, job and financial pressures and other weights of the world or “life baggage”?

We get to a point where we communicate please God would you help me when in fact what we really mean is daddy would you carry all of this for me?

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