Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Take the time to volunteer or make a financial donation to a good cause this Holiday Season. It just may take you on a personal journey to true happiness. My wife and I are teaching our children the joy of giving to others. It just makes you a happier person. Truly giving is way more rewarding than to receive.

My grandmother and grandfather founded a food pantry some seventeen years ago. They provide food items to families and individuals on a weekly basis throughout the year.

The food pantry was a vision of my grandparents, Charles H. and Kathleen Thompson. They started the pantry in 1991 inside of their home and garage space. They believed that no person should ever go hungry so they set out to make a difference. Today, seventeen years later my parents Frederick E. and Marcia G. Kitchen carry on that same vision and hundreds of hungry individuals and families have been fed and given hope.

On Tuesday, December 16, 2008 they held their annual Christmas Food & Toy give-a-way. Numerous families were given large boxes of canned and fresh food to prepare a Christmas meal for the entire family. They also gave away hundreds of new toys for children that may not have had a Christmas without some form of assistance.
Working with several area churches and individuals as well as World Missionary Evangelism in Dallas Texas the toys were shipped in and given to parents for their children to have a better Christmas.

Many disadvantaged families receive words of encouragement and are given hope and their personal self-respect is restored by being able to attain and provide food and toys for their families.

In a time when many are facing economic hardships such as job loss, disabilities, health issues and other adversity, it’s comforting to know that there are individuals who care enough to help keep the food pantry open and see that the hungry are fed.

As with many non-profit charities or help centers there are never enough funds to go around. I know that this food pantry operates from month to month and week to week.
If you, your church or civic organization would like to get involved feel free to contact the WME-THOMPSON’s FOOD PANTRY at 304.525.6174 or mail at 226 Marshall Street, Huntington, West Virginia 25702.

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