Sunday, August 31, 2008

TIME-OUT for Family Time!

As many of us well know life is oftentimes too short. Many reading this post have lost a loved one, family member or friend. We oftentimes wish we could turn back time and spend more time with someone but it is too late.

We are busy with life in general such as our jobs and other things we feel are most important. In the grand scheme of things at the end of our lives all of the money, possessions, jobs, etc, really don’t matter much but our family does. Who is going to be there for us at the end of life, typically only our family?

Family time is so important and taking the time as a family to do things together is of utmost importance and personal value to you and your loved ones.

As those of you who frequent this site realize that this blog is dedicated to questions, answers and general information about death and end of life issues. With all that being said, the more reason to remind us all to make and take the time for ourselves and our family...

I realize just how important taking time-out of work and the fast pace life is when it comes to enjoying the company of my family. Take the time to go to church, a ball game, dinner, make that phone call or just hang out with family.

In all my years I have never seen a cemetery grave marker that says “I spent too much time with family”. I guess in some rare instances that could be said but generally speaking it's not.

On that note, I am sharing with you a family photo of my family at the most recent Marshall vs. Illinois State game at the Joan C. Edwards Stadium in Huntington, WV.

We are M.U. season ticket holders and enjoy the family time together of course my two daughters enjoy spending daddy’s money on popcorn, lemonade and cotton candy but overall I think everyone enjoys being together. Pictured are myself Fred, my wife, Amber and two daughters Annalise and Arabella. By the way we (Marshall) won our first game of the season 35-10 – WE ARE MARSHALL!

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