Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Final Arrangements - Do You Have A Written Plan?

Here is a sample list of items that can be included in you final arrangements document. This document will assist your family or person(s) in carrying out your final wishes with regard to burial or cremation. This document can accompany your WILL and should be placed with other important documents. You can add additional items that are important to you in planning your final arrangements.

Final Arrangements for Mr. John Doe

I request that the following instructions and preferences be honored after my death:

Part 1. Body Donation

I have or have not made arrangements to donate my whole body.

Part 2. Organ Donation

I direct that my organs should or should not be donated.

Part 3. Cremation or Burial (Choose One)

I want my body to be buried.

I want my body to be cremated

Part 4. Burial Instructions
A. Please Contact XYZ Mortuary to Care for My Final Arrangements and the details of my services.

B. Embalming
I want to be embalmed.

C. Casket
18 Gauge Steel, Silver with Silver Hardware, Interior Color is Champagne Velvet (OT9
Platinum- Batesville Brand)

D. Pre-burial Ceremony
At the funeral home and at the Spring Hill Cemetery - Huntington, West Virginia

E. Pallbearers - I want the following pallbearers to carry my casket to the final resting place.
Co-workers - (Enter Names Here)
Cousins - (Enter Names Here)
Church Members - (Enter Names Here)

F. Transportation to grave
Please use a Hearse or Horse Drawn Buggy to Transport Me to My Final Resting Place.

G. Burial site
No preference.

H. Graveside Ceremony
No preference.

I. Marker
Flat Bronze Double Marker with Vase.

J. Epitaph
Gone but Not Forgotten

K. Memorial Ceremony
No preference.

Part 5. Person to Oversee My Wishes
No preference.

Part 6. Clergy or person acting as such
Rev. Jonathon Moore

I, Mr. John Doe, declare that I have read these instructions and that they accurately reflect my wishes for final arrangements after my death.



I am not an attorney and do not claim to be offering any form of legal advice regarding the above mentioned topic. This information is to be used as a resource to assist in your portfolio of planning documents. For legal advice seek out an attorney.


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