Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do You Have A Medical Power Of Attorney?

Just like many other planning documents, the MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY is a VERY important document to have in place.

The Medical Power of Attorney simply states the person(s) that you trust and want to make health care decisions when you cannot make them for yourself.

A Medical Power of Attorney is so important to you and to your loved ones.

Having a Medical Power of Attorney simply allows you to legally appoint a representative to act upon your behalf and to make health decisions for you. You may also choose a successor representative in the event that the first representative is unable, unwilling, or disqualified to serve in this capacity.

The Medical Power of Attorney only covers health care decisions relating to Medical treatment(s), surgical treatment(s), nursing care, medication, hospitalization, care and treatment in a nursing home, or other facility, and home health care.

The person you will appoint to this position is someone whom you, trust, believe understands your wishes and values and will act and carry out your health care decisions in the exact manor in which you would carry them out.

Like the Living Will, there typically is a place within the document for your typed or handwritten specific comments and instructions regarding the use of feeding tubes, breathing machines, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, dialysis and mental health treatment if you so desire.

This document is typically only a couple pages in length and requires your signature, the signature and date of witnesses as well as a state notary.

Creating a Medical Power Of Attorney is quite simple and like a WILL and LIVING WILL, everyone should have one in place.

There are several places to obtain the living will such as,, local hospitals and medical centers, etc.

I am not an attorney and do not claim to be offering any form of legal advice regarding the above mentioned topic. This information is to be used as a resource to assist in your portfolio of planning documents. For legal advice seek out an attorney.

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