Tuesday, January 15, 2008


People to notify ~ Call funeral home, clergy, relatives, friends and out-of-town family members.

Pre-Arrangements ~ check to see if pre-arrangements are on file at the funeral home and obtain your copy and review prior to going to funeral home to finalize any details of the arrangements.


Photograph ~ Provide photograph for identification, newspaper obituary notice, beautician, and funeral home website guest book.

Social Security Number ~ Provide social security number for the death certificate –(Have original if possible) .

Date of birth ~ Confirm month, day, year, state and county of birth.

Parents Names ~ confirm correct spelling of decedent’s mother’s (maiden) and father’s name.

Veterans Discharge Papers ~ Locate original or copy of the discharge papers also known as the DD214.

Clothing ~ complete outfit, jewelry and personal cosmetics (underclothing, socks, etc.).


Vital Statistics ~ Provide information for death certificate and newspaper.

Visitation ~ Date, Time and Place_______________________

Funeral Service ~ Date, Time, Place_____________________

Clergy ~ Confirm Date, Time and Place.

Cemetery Property ~ Provide cemetery information (Always contact your funeral director first, they can assist you with cemetery questions and details that may save you time and money):


Location: Lot # and Grave Space# ____________________________

Cemetery Property ~ Arrange to purchase property or confirm property already owned.

Merchandise Selections ~ Casket, vault, urn, jewelry, stationary packages, video tributes, etc.

Death Certificates ~ Decide on number of certified copies needed. (You will need certified copies for any legal business you will conduct on the deceased’s behalf – Probate, car titles, loans, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, land, residence, etc.).

Flowers ~ Select floral casket piece or other floral tributes and order from florist of your preference.

Prayer Cards ~ Select prayer cards.

Service Folders ~ Decide if service folders will be used during the funeral service will they have photo of deceased on the folders, etc..

Remembrance , Register or Guest Book ~ guest will sign showing their presence at the visitation or funeral.

Memorial Contributions ~ Select an organization, charity, religious group, etc; always include address, contact information and website is available.

Acknowledgment Cards ~ Select Thank You Cards (sent to those who sent flowers, food or acknowledge the death of your loved one in another manor.

Limousine ~ Request or decline the use of a limousine on the day of the funeral service.

Reception ~ Receive catering options for reception.

Veterans ~ Request flag to be present in visitation room, funeral. Funeral – will flad be folded or draped over the casket?

Request Honor Guard.

Children ~ Request Children’s Orientation Program.

Website ~ Request information and light a candle on funeral home website.

Out of town newspapers ~ Provide name of town and state for obituary.

Obituary ~ Provide name of newspaper that obituary should appear in.

Death Notice ~ Provide survivor information and service details.

Picture Boards ~ Take picture boards home to arrange
photographs on.

Personal keepsake ~ Share with the funeral director, my wish for a personal keepsake; such as a lock of hair.

Payment to the funeral home ~ Arrange for payment.

After Funeral Arrangements

Photomontage (Collage) ~ Arrange photographs on funeral home picture boards.

Music ~ Decide on favorite music to be played during visitation.

Personal Items ~ Choose collectibles to display in visitation room.

Food ~ Arrange for a meal between visiting hours and after the funeral.

Out of Town Guests ~ Make arrangements for out of town quests to be picked up at the airport and/or for hotel accommodations.

Notify ~ Schools, employers, banks, lawyers and insurance companies of the death.


Arriving Early ~ Ask all family members to arrive one half hour early.

Photographs and Collectibles ~ Arrange photos and collectibles in visitation room.

Keepsake ~ Place personal item in casket (or have cremated with.)

Children ~ Assign an adult to watch over the children during visiting hours.

Personal Comfort ~ Wear comfortable clothes and shoes during visiting hours.

Flowers ~ Decide which flowers will go to church, take home or donate to a local nursing home.


Clergy ~ Meet with clergy to plan funeral service. Decide on offering to clergy.

Pallbearers ~ Ask 4-6 family members or friends to be pallbearers.

Eulogy ~ Ask a family member or friend.

Readings ~ Ask a family member of friend.

Music/Musicians ~ Choose music. Performed live or recorded.

Graveside Committal Service ~ Choose appropriate clothes in case of inclement weather.

Transportation~ Limousine or family car.

Meeting Place ~ Meet at funeral home or at church.

Donation Envelopes ~ Available at church.


Death Certificates ~ Order additional copies as needed.

Acknowledgement Cards ~ Order additional cards if needed.

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