Friday, November 23, 2007

Upcoming Topics Of Interest

Be watching for the following topics to be discussed in the near future on this blog. The topics were all QUESTIONS recently asked of me during some of my speaking engagements at local civic organizations.

1.) Are there other service and merchandise options available with cremation?
2.) Does law require Embalming when there is a public visitation?
3.) I heard that you could rent a casket to be used for a cremation viewing?
4.) What should the average funeral and cremation cost?
5.) Why is having the body present for viewing important?
6.) Pre-need or pre-planning funerals and cremations is this safe, will the money be there if the funeral home goes out of business?
7.) What is involved in the entire cremation process from start to finish?
8.) What is the difference in caskets and urns?
9.) What does one do with the cremated remains once returned to the family? What are our options?
10.) Cemeteries - What you Need To Know. - Monuments, Vaults, Plots,Opening & Closing Of Grave, Pre-Vault Burial - What Are My Rights and much-much more...

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