Friday, November 23, 2007

Presidential Memorial Certificate

Please find information on how to obtain a Presidential Memorial Certificate for a U.S. Veteran that has paased away. There is information on the history of the program as well as eligability for the certificate. Your local funeral home and funeral director could file this for you.


This program was initiated in March 1962 by President John F. Kennedy to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans, and has been continued by all subsequent presidents. Statutory authority for the program is Section 112, Title 38, of the United States Code.


The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers the program by preparing the certificate which bears the President's signature and expresses the country's grateful recognition of the veteran's service in the United States Armed Forces.


Eligible recipients include the next of kin, other relatives or friends. The award of a certificate to one eligible recipient does not preclude issuance to another eligible recipient.


Eligible recipients, or someone acting on their behalf, may apply for a Presidential Memorial Certificate in person, or through the mail with any VA Regional Office. Applicants should provide a copy of any document which would help establish honorable military service.

In most cases involving recent deaths the local VA Regional Office originates the application for a Presidential Memorial Certificate without a request from the next of kin. VA Regional Offices normally are aware of veteran deaths when processing


Ryan said...

Can I get a certificate like this through the funeral home that buried my grandfather? I would like get one and give it my uncle.

Fred H. Kitchen, CFSP said...

Yes, contact your funeral home that provided the services for your grandfather and explain to them you would like to obtain a "Presidential Memorial Certificate" for your grandfather’s service to his country. They should have the forms on hand to fulfill your request. You may want to print off a copy of the blog entry from my site so they understand what you are requesting. As a note of interest, these certificates are provided free from the U.S. Federal government. I trust this is helpful and thanks for your comment and question.