Saturday, November 10, 2007

Answer To Consumer Question Regarding Cremation Options

1.) Are there other service and merchandise options available with cremation?

Yes, with cremation there are many service options as well as merchandise offerings available. Lets begin with the service options: One can still have a visitation, gathering of friends, and memorial or funeral service with a cremation. You can actually have all of the traditional services if one wishes with the final disposition being in the form of cremation instead of burial.

With cremation one can have an evening, morning or afternoon of gathering of friends at which time maybe your loved ones favorite songs are played, hobbies are displayed and possibly some in attendance may have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of a special recipe of cake or pie. Those in attendance could have the opportunity to take a moment to reflect and speak of the memories they had of this friend, or family member.

The Funeral and Cremation Professional should provide you with many planning options that will guide you and lend ideas as to the type of service you choose to honor your loved ones life. Your planning options are really up to you; if you can imagine it and it’s appropriate, non-offensive to others and legal it certainly may be an option. Now with regard to merchandise offerings that are available: You may choose and urn that is made of different species and shapes of wood, some are in the form of jewelry boxes, flag cases, furniture pieces as well as traditional styled urns. Most of these urns can be personalized by being engraved with your loved ones name, date of birth and death, as well as other engraved designs if one so chooses. As a side note, I feel every urn should be engraved with at least the decedents name and date of birth and death. Imagine how difficult it would be to know who is in a burial space or mausoleum with the names missing. The urns are also available in sheet bronze; cast bronze, acrylic art forms, marble, etc. You also have the option to choose cremation jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets that can have a token amount of the cremated remains placed in this item. There are keepsake urns, which a portion of the cremated remains is placed in this receptacle.

Cremation caskets are also available to be used during the services when viewing is desired. Many of these caskets can be personalized utilizing personalized corner designs that may reflect a hobby, religious symbol or Military branch of service. In conclusion, with cremation you may choose as an elaborate of service and merchandise offerings as you would like or as simple as a service and merchandise offerings you desire.

The bottom line is that every human being deserves to be remembered in some way. We as guardians of their honor have an obligation to care and plan the appropriate type of service that truly reflects the lives that once lived.